Texana Brands' Olive Oil Products Make the Perfect Corporate Gifts: Here’s Why!

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Corporate gifting is more than just a fun way to promote your business or upcoming event with custom swag. It's a way to show clients, associates, and employees appreciation for their hard work and dedication. It's a way of strengthening relationships and building a good reputation among your industry's community. 

However, choosing the right corporate gift can be challenging. With so many options, picking one that's unique, exciting, and valuable can get overwhelming. One gift that stands out is olive oil, and Texana Brands' products are the perfect choice for corporate gifting.

In this blog, we'll discuss Texana Brands' signature olive oil products and what makes them perfect corporate gifts. 

Texana Brands' Olive Oil Products Make the Perfect Corporate Gifts: Here’s Why!

Table of Contents:

  1. Texana Brands: Who We Are
  2. Why Texana Brands' Olive Oil Makes the Perfect Corporate Gifts 
  3. High Authenticity and Quality 
  4. Notable Health Benefits
  5. Wide Range of Products
  6. Versatility 
  7. A Unique and Memorable Gift
  8. Conclusion 

Texana Brands: Who We Are

Texana Brands is not just any company - we're a family business that takes pride in everything we do. Our Arbequina olives are grown on our 150 acres of Texas heritage land that's been in our family for over 125 years. We're proud to continue our great-great-grandmother's tradition of farming on this precious land, producing the finest quality olive oil available. 

Our passion for agriculture and our commitment to sustainability, combined with our expertise in the industry, allows us to produce olive oil that's delicious and beneficial. From the grove to the bottle, we're personally involved in every aspect of the process. We don't just make olive oil; we live and breathe it! 

Why Texana Brands' Olive Oil Makes the Perfect Corporate Gifts 

High Authenticity and Quality 

At Texana Brands, all of our olive oil products are exclusively made with the purest and most natural ingredients sourced right here in Texas. All ingredients and oils undergo meticulous quality control standards to ensure that each product delivered to our customers is authentic and high-quality. We also produce and distribute products using only 100% extra virgin olive oil

When gifting Texana Brands' olive oil products, you can showcase your appreciation, care, and esteem for the recipient, knowing that you provide them with the best quality and natural products.

Notable Health Benefits

It's no secret that olive oil contains beneficial properties. However, only 100% extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) can provide numerous health benefits.

This is because EVOO is the purest quality olive oil, meaning there's no additional heat, chemicals, or dyes when producing it. Because of its quality, extra virgin olive oil is high in natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols. These antioxidants help combat inflammation, control blood pressure, and improve heart health.

When you give olive oil-based products, you are not only giving a thoughtful gift but also a healthy one. Corporate team members and health-conscious clients will appreciate this gift while enjoying delicious meals made with olive oil products.

Wide Range of Products

At Texana Brands, we're known for our wide range of products, such as traditional extra virgin olive oil and naturally-infused cooking oils. These products are artfully crafted and presented in bottles and containers that reflect style and help preserve quality. 

Corporate gift recipients can choose from various flavors and mixes, such as our signature infused olive oils and 100% extra virgin olive oil. This wide range ensures there's something for everyone.


Our signature Texana Brands olive oil products can be used in various ways, from cooking and baking to dressings, dipping sauces, and marinades. This versatility makes our products suitable for many people, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. This means you can be confident that your gift will be well-received and appreciated!

A Unique and Memorable Gift

Texana Brands' olive oil products are delicious, healthy, versatile, and thoughtfully packaged, making them a perfect corporate gift. Our oils are a gift that your recipient won't soon forget. 

Plus, instead of something that might sit on an office shelf or be thrown out, gift receivers can use these products in their everyday lives. They'll remember your business each time they cook with them or even just a simple drizzle over their favorite salad.


Corporate gifting can mean something other than boring or unoriginal gift options. Texana Brands' olive oil products are the perfect example of a uniquely delicious, healthy, versatile, and memorable gift. 

By gifting these products, businesses can creatively showcase their appreciation for clients, employees, and partners. As the saying goes, 'it's the thought that counts,' and with Texana Brands' Olive Oil Products, you are giving a thoughtful item that will be appreciated.

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