Garlic Infused Olive Oil: Delicious Uses and Surprising Benefits

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Olive oil is one of the most versatile culinary oils there is. Garlic is a vegetable that's been a favored ingredient for centuries, known for its powerful flavor and many health benefits. Naturally, garlic infused olive oil makes for a winning combination among chefs, beginner cooks, and medical professionals alike.

In this blog, our team at Texana Brands will discuss:

  • What garlic infused olive oil is
  • Delicious uses
  • Surprising benefits
  • Where you can buy it

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Garlic Infused Olive Oil Exactly?
  2. 7 Uses for Olive Oil Infused with Garlic 
  3. 7 Surprising Benefits of Garlic Infused Olive Oil
  4. Where Can I Buy Quality Olive Oil Infused with Garlic?
  5. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

Is it safe to infuse olive oil with garlic?

Yes. If you’re looking for garlic infused olive oil, it’s best to purchase from a company that specializes in producing olive oil infusions. Choosing to buy from a company like Texana Brands helps ensure the quality, freshness, and make of your product!

What Is Garlic Infused Olive Oil Exactly?

Garlic infused olive oil is just that; olive oil infused with garlic. Fresh garlic is often slow-roasted in extra virgin olive oil. This creates a rich flavored golden brown liquid with an earthy garlic aroma and flavorful-packed taste. 

Essentially, chopped garlic is left to soak in olive oil for a day, several, days or even a week. The oils from the roasted garlic are then extracted creating a Roasted Garlic infusion that is then infused back into Texana Brand extra virgin olive oil.

7 Uses for Olive Oil Infused with Garlic 

There are many ways you can use Texana Brands garlic infused olive oil to cook with or spice up your favorite dish.

Here are 7 delicious ideas to get you started!

  1. Create a salad dressing vinaigrette bursting with flavor
  2. Marinate meat in your garlic infused olive by itself or along with other herbs and spices
  3. Drizzle over your favorite style of eggs
  4. Add some more warmth and zest to your chili recipe
  5. Drizzle over steamed asparagus, broccoli, and other vegetables
  6. Serve with slices of fresh bread in a little bowl
  7. Use to bake with and add flavor to roasted potatoes or home-made French fries

7 Surprising Benefits of Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Garlic is world-renowned for its disease-fighting properties and numerous health benefits. It's not uncommon for this versatile vegetable to be used for a wide variety of medical purposes. When garlic is infused with olive oil, these two ingredients make for a powerful product that's beneficial for many reasons.

Seven surprising benefits examples:

  1. Antifungal properties for fighting skin issues
  2. Vitamins and minerals that help control acne 
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation on the skin and in the body 
  4. Minerals and vitamins that help promote scalp health
  5. Compounds that help reduce toothache, bacterial infection, and control tooth decay
  6. Organic chemical compounds lower blood pressure and relax heart muscles 
  7. Natural properties that help prevent the common cold

Where Can I Buy Quality Olive Oil Infused with Garlic?

At Texana Brands, our signature garlic infused olive oil is one of our most popular products. Our team of experts strives to produce and sell top-quality olive oils made for a variety of uses. 

We make our garlic olive oil and other flavorful infusions with 100% extra virgin olive oil only. You can find our signature products at your local Brookshire's or Fresh by Brookshire's. 

texana brands roasted garlic infused olive oil

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Garlic infused olive oil is a versatile product perfect for any kitchen and recipe. It can be used to make delicious salad dressings, marinades, and so much more!

If you're looking for quality garlic-infused olive oils made with 100% extra virgin olive oil, look no further than Texana Brands!

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